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"My Preemie Baby Book is a darling 200-page keepsake for parents. It's adorbly illustrated and includes a heartfelt letter from the authors, inspirational quotes, guest book pages, brilliant advice, journaling pages and milestone trackers - All preemie focused and NICU Practical."                                        -Minnesota Parent Magazine

This book is amazing!!! Both the content and the illustrations blow me away- it was beyond my expectations, so valuable for families of premature infants. On rounds many parents are scribbling on paper and notebooks trying to keep daily notes/ memories and maintaining any kind of control in an uncontrollable situation, this will make such a huge difference and it's so comforting to view. Thank you to you and Eric for your tremendous efforts in advocating for parents of premature infants!

Dr. Nancy M. Fahim, MD

My Preemie Baby Book Cover

NICU Families: You are not alone; about 380,000 premature babies are born in the US

every year. You share an experience you didn’t ask for, but were forced to accept.
may think you won’t want to remember this journey, but one day you will.

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